Happy Holidays!

Hello all.  Just wishing everyone the best for their chosen celebration at this time.

All well here.  Oriana is SO BIG now, 10 months!  We got a husky puppy the day after Thanksgiving.  Hard part is training the kids, not the dog.  : )

My vision is MUICH  better, can make out small font again when I focus around the few blind spots I still have.  Carpal tunnel symptoms from pregnancy still bad, but I am dealing.  Legs feel...weirdly different.  Getting more "real" pain in them - muscle and joint aches, etc. instead of nerve pain.  Still have the nerve pain, too, though.  My visit to OHSU in July resulted in MRI's showing absolutely no change from 2 years ago.  This I will take as a good sign.

Not seeming to hurt as much this winter but I'll wait till spring to decide.

Gotta go. Try to post again soon.
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Somewhat concerned

Hi all.  Been doing well.  Oriana is really growing!  She smiles almost all the time and it shines through her eyes at you and just makes the heart melt.  : )

I'm a little worried this week.  It's the three month mark and that is when I had my first MS attack afte May was born.  I woke with a severe migraine a couple days ago, took some Arthaffect and it got better, but have had a mild headache since then off and on.  I'm going to take out my contacts and see if that helps.  Also, just now I had a dizzy spelll/lightheadedness like I'd had before.  I'm going to watch these symptoms closely but not sure I'll tell anyone, since they'll freak out and insist I start my shots again and I don't want to.  I got cheated out of breastfeeding May as long as I wanted and I'm not stoppng with Oriana at three months.  No way.  I still cry over taking the Rebif and what a mistake it was.  Not making the same mistake even if the Copaxone isn't the same.

We'll see if the dizziness goes away.  Maybe I just need to eat something.
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Thanks, all.  :)

Rhen got a good pic the other day.  I;ll put it up when I get a chance.  I forgot how fast they grow at this stage!  And how tiring it is.  Haven't gotten much done on ANYTHING. 

And the weather can't decide on Spring or Winter.  Been clear, sunny, melting then a blizzard all day next day.  Wreaks havoc on body and hands.  Ack.

But happy things, mostly.  M's 16th b-day this week.  Was fun.

Get over yourself.

Just saw this:


Okay, so obviously she needs money because her movies and acting stink, but please.  Lindsay is a COMMON name, and doesn't work for a one-name famous thing.  What;s more, I don't know of anyone that speaks of her WITHOUT including her last name - she's not that famous to have one common name be hers alone.  Sweetheart, you're not that good, so drop it before you embarrass yourself further.
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(no subject)


Went into labor on Thursday morning (3:30) and waited to time the contractions a while before waking people (very nearly a mistake).  Spouse apparently didn't believe baby coming or would be as fast as all our other babies, because he opted to stay and go to work while my mom drove me in to the hospital.  His loss.  Mom was very pleased to be first to see and hold baby's hand and comfort her during after-birth measuring and all.  Aside from me, she was first to hold baby.

Anyway, baby girl was 19.25 inches long, 6 pounds and 2.5 ounces.  Has BLACK hair (only one with my hair color of all the kids).  She is absolutely gorgeous (I'll post pics later, but she is on the hospital website at http://www.alaskaregional.com/cpm/w-index.html ).  Unfortunately we still haven't agreed on a name (and I haven't finally just doneit) so our baby is the only one on the site without a name.  It's just "Baby" with the date and ime and state of birth.

It was an exciting trip to Anchorage.  The only blizzard we've had in months, no studded tires, slippery roads and morning commuters that ground to a near stop at Eagle River as my contractions were fast reaching the "give-birth-now" point.  i called spouse at Ft. Rich turnoff and told him  to get to town because baby would be here this morning.  He was already nearly at work (an hour from home and at least two from Anchorage).  My water broke qt Muldoon Road exit.  At Bragaw I informed mom we needed to be at howpital NOW.  I called and had emergency people waiting.  We pulled inwrong way to Emergency door (as we had on a previous visit so I could be gotten out).  An officious security guard tried to tell mom we were in the wrong way and had to go around the right way.  She told him she had other priorities right now and we had the emergency people get me out.  Then mom went to park, girl wheeled me to the delivery area.  There, the nurses asked me how I was and I said "I'm having a baby."  They responded with "Oh, okay.  Well let's take care of paperwork and settle you in." 
"No, you don't understand.  I'm having the baby NOW.  It is coming out."
"How do you know?"
"I can feel it.  I've been through this four times before."
Then they hurried.  Got me in bed in a room, realized I was right and baby was RIGHT THERE and grabbed a passing doctor to deliver (happened to be doc on call for deliveries).
Meantime, mom was locked out of hospital and had to walk around to emgncy to get in.  Didn't come in the roomwith me b/c "so many people already".  Then baby cried and mom says "Oh!  She had the baby!"  I'd only been telling her for a few miles.
So, I ended up having the baby WITHOUT any comforting person around, so I think I get veto power on names.

Mom to my spouse on phone:  You have a daughter.
Spouse:  WHAT???

P.S. - I typed this last week and thought it had been eaten in the computer  innerspace, but it was saved!  Yay!  Sorry not up sooner.  

And her name is Oriana Alisa.



No, I am not ready for tomorrow, but it is still coming

Tomorrow is May's birthday.  She is turning four.  : )

Despite her do-it-herself haircut, she is still cute, though demanding.  We need to work on that a bit more - making requests rather than demands.

I had a revelation today.  I am afraid.  I have never really been afraid in my life.  I've felt panic and all, like when you think you'll get  in a car accident or something, but never truly felt *fear*.

I don't like it.

My fear is not for me.  I will go wherever I am to go if something should happen.  I am afraid for my children if something should happen to me, and I am afraid for the baby I carry now, whether I am okay or not. 

I am packing a suitcase for my doc visit this week, and I think I will ask to be hospitalized.  I think that may be best right now.  I have serious sharp pain when I try to move or get out of bed now, and that can't be good.  Also, my blood  pressure was elevated this last doc visit.  I'm pretty sure the stress of everyday here at home is not good for me right now.  Not necessarily kids, but having to struggle just to do the smallest thing.  So I think it is time to see about staying where I can be taken care of.  Even if, in my experience, the nurses are pretty much morons.

That said, the week's to-do's:

1)  Pack suitcase
2)  May school
3)  Birthdy cake
4)  Presents
5)  HW
     257 videos
      257 chap 4
     257 chap 5
     257 assign3
     258 videos
     258 online reading
     258 chap 4
     258 assign4
6)  Call P
7)  Set up magic jack
8)  Read dist
9)  Read Access

hosp w/ O

Good news and bad news

So doc appointment was today.  Baby has been transverse with head on my right side and feet on my left for a while now.

Doctor felt today and thought baby was breech (feet down) which would be very bad, but she did a quick untrasound and found that baby is still transverse.  That's the good news (much better than breech).

Bad news is that fluids and umbilical cord are in the space where the head should be above the exit.  This means that if my water breaks it is very bad, because there is nothing keeping the umbilical cord from coming out which is dangerous for baby and for me.  If it does break, we don't have time to get to Anchorage.  This is bad.

So I am hoping and praying the baby gets in the proper position safely soon.  I suspect that when I go to Anchorage for my appointment next week I may end up staying at the hospital.
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Bringing it forward

Just bringing the to-do's forward:

1)  Baby names - still working on it
2)  Birth plan
3)  Read Access
4)  Read dist stuff
5)  HW:
     257 videos
     257 chap 3
     257 chap 4
     257 assign2

     258 videos
     258 chap 3
     258 assign3
6)  School with May:
     Letter of day
     Number of day/week
     More Saxon
7)  Prep deposits
8)  Mom's dividend
9)  Set spinal doc appt
10)  Call G
11)  Call P
12)  Check bank and pay CC
13)  WIA pwork:
     SS card
     Book receipts


It got better...hopefully will be today too. *crossed fingers*

So after my mom lecturing me about how I shouldn;t be so upset about the hair incident and to "get over" being mad, and my husband laughing on the phone that all four-year-olds cut their hair, things got better after the kids got home.

First, the mom thing is a constant irritation.  She is always trying to act like she knows so much and is so perfect as a [parent when she really doesn't, since when she gets upset with the kids (after less reason than I have put up with) she will be worse than I am.  Also, considering I have had four (soon five) children plus a step- situiation and she only had two kids 10 years apart (essentially two only children) and my grandparents took care of me for much of the time, she really doesn't have the experience or knowledge I do.  So I don't worry too much about what she says, though I do consider it before I decide its worth.

Also, when he actually SAW the damage from the scissors, spouse was much less amused, though he hid it well from me.  I could tell from his little comments to May, though, that he was not happy about it and was going to be sure to remind her of her folly regularly for a little while.

This made me feel better.  I ended up working with May after dinner on some schoolwork and played our shape matrix game that she loves.  It ended up a pleasane evening, and she even went to bed with little fuss.

I'm not sure, but maybe the Wrath of Mom sank in on her this time.