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It got better...hopefully will be today too. *crossed fingers*

It got better...hopefully will be today too. *crossed fingers*

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So after my mom lecturing me about how I shouldn;t be so upset about the hair incident and to "get over" being mad, and my husband laughing on the phone that all four-year-olds cut their hair, things got better after the kids got home.

First, the mom thing is a constant irritation.  She is always trying to act like she knows so much and is so perfect as a [parent when she really doesn't, since when she gets upset with the kids (after less reason than I have put up with) she will be worse than I am.  Also, considering I have had four (soon five) children plus a step- situiation and she only had two kids 10 years apart (essentially two only children) and my grandparents took care of me for much of the time, she really doesn't have the experience or knowledge I do.  So I don't worry too much about what she says, though I do consider it before I decide its worth.

Also, when he actually SAW the damage from the scissors, spouse was much less amused, though he hid it well from me.  I could tell from his little comments to May, though, that he was not happy about it and was going to be sure to remind her of her folly regularly for a little while.

This made me feel better.  I ended up working with May after dinner on some schoolwork and played our shape matrix game that she loves.  It ended up a pleasane evening, and she even went to bed with little fuss.

I'm not sure, but maybe the Wrath of Mom sank in on her this time.
  • Take a picture. It'll be funny to show her prom date 14 years from now. . .
    • Good idea. I brushed it and tried to do a pony tail with what is left - what's on the left side anyway. You can definitely tell her bangs and the right side are butchered, though. Maybe we'll dye her hair pink and call her Cyndi Lauper. : )
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