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Good news and bad news

Good news and bad news

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hosp w/ O
So doc appointment was today.  Baby has been transverse with head on my right side and feet on my left for a while now.

Doctor felt today and thought baby was breech (feet down) which would be very bad, but she did a quick untrasound and found that baby is still transverse.  That's the good news (much better than breech).

Bad news is that fluids and umbilical cord are in the space where the head should be above the exit.  This means that if my water breaks it is very bad, because there is nothing keeping the umbilical cord from coming out which is dangerous for baby and for me.  If it does break, we don't have time to get to Anchorage.  This is bad.

So I am hoping and praying the baby gets in the proper position safely soon.  I suspect that when I go to Anchorage for my appointment next week I may end up staying at the hospital.
  • I hope it goes well!
  • *hugs* I hope the baby gets into the right position soon too. If not, well, it's better to be at the hospital until it's born than to run the risk. *hugs more*
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