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Somewhat concerned

Somewhat concerned

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hosp w/ O
Hi all.  Been doing well.  Oriana is really growing!  She smiles almost all the time and it shines through her eyes at you and just makes the heart melt.  : )

I'm a little worried this week.  It's the three month mark and that is when I had my first MS attack afte May was born.  I woke with a severe migraine a couple days ago, took some Arthaffect and it got better, but have had a mild headache since then off and on.  I'm going to take out my contacts and see if that helps.  Also, just now I had a dizzy spelll/lightheadedness like I'd had before.  I'm going to watch these symptoms closely but not sure I'll tell anyone, since they'll freak out and insist I start my shots again and I don't want to.  I got cheated out of breastfeeding May as long as I wanted and I'm not stoppng with Oriana at three months.  No way.  I still cry over taking the Rebif and what a mistake it was.  Not making the same mistake even if the Copaxone isn't the same.

We'll see if the dizziness goes away.  Maybe I just need to eat something.
  • I'm sure you know what's best for your health - just remember that Oriana needs her mom more than she needs breastfeeding, so take care of yourself! :)
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