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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Hello all.  Just wishing everyone the best for their chosen celebration at this time.

All well here.  Oriana is SO BIG now, 10 months!  We got a husky puppy the day after Thanksgiving.  Hard part is training the kids, not the dog.  : )

My vision is MUICH  better, can make out small font again when I focus around the few blind spots I still have.  Carpal tunnel symptoms from pregnancy still bad, but I am dealing.  Legs feel...weirdly different.  Getting more "real" pain in them - muscle and joint aches, etc. instead of nerve pain.  Still have the nerve pain, too, though.  My visit to OHSU in July resulted in MRI's showing absolutely no change from 2 years ago.  This I will take as a good sign.

Not seeming to hurt as much this winter but I'll wait till spring to decide.

Gotta go. Try to post again soon.
  • Good to hear that you're doing well - puppy and baby sound like fun!
  • Yay hi hello! *hugs*! I've been wondering how you were doing! *HUGS*!
  • I’m really Glad i ran across this web site.Added pompeiitours.org to my bookmark!

  • Hmmm.... Looks like I'm a bit slow. Sorry about that. Hope things are still going well. Hugs, etc.!
  • I’ve been into blogging for quite some time and this is definitely a great post.Cheers!

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