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Mists and Maunderings


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Skipped Back 10

February 2nd, 2010

Definitely winter blahs

Yesterday was...interesting.

Let's just say that I think the end of pregnancy attitude, winter cold and dark, and being cooped up with too many people in too small a space is getting to me and everybody else (obviously pregnancy doesn't affect them, but the rest does).  In short, yesterday was host to some minor, yet volatile, outbursts and interactions.  I know for my part, some is due to my growing intolerance for mouthiness (especially in teens and pre-teens and four-year-olds) and a growing irritation with the heavy-handedness of spouse on my kids and lack of dischipline on his own at times.  Though, I will say, he has laid down some law lately about homework complete with repercussions that I think was good and needed (we'll see on the follow-through, but a good start).

I am tired, grumpy, and soooo wanting to be done being pregnantl  Speaking of which, anybody have any suggestions for names?  Spouse likes "normal" names, I am not bowing to that this time.  He got his way with my first-born and my son, he ain't gettin' no more.  So, suggestions?

This new supplement drink is doing some good, I think.  I have had a bit more energy and I think my leg and feet circulation is better.  I'm hopin for even more miraculous effects.

And now, updated to-do's:

1)  Baby names
2)  Birth plan
3)  Read Access
4)  Read dist stuff
5)  HW:
     257 videos
     257 chap 3
     257 chap 4
     257 assign2
     258 videos
     258 chap 3
     258 assign3
6)  School with May:
     Letter of day
     Number of day/week
7)  Prep deposits
8)  Mom's dividend
9)  Set spinal doc appt
10)  Call G

January 29th, 2010

Went to pregnancy doc appointment.  All is fine.  Docto had audacity to suggest that one of my pregnancy isseus was an MS issue anmd I very tactfully kept from telling her she was a moron and knew nothing about MS so shut up.  See?  I've learneed some tact and diplomacy, just took me 30+ years.

Next appointment is next Friday.  It would be in two weeks, but I don't want to have to go the Anchorage.  Hopefully we can get away with next week and then another two weeks before I have to go to the weekly appointments.  The drive to town kills me.

Anyway, updated to-do list, since I seem to be getting through them rather quickly (yay me!):

1)  HW: 
     258 chap 1 (finish reeading) 
     258 chap 2 read
      258 assign2
      257 read chap 2
      257 quiz 1
2)  Read Access stuff
3)  Birth plan
4)  Look for baby names
5)  School with May

January 27th, 2010

First, I am against the mistreatment of animals, but the folks that are activists need to focus on the farms doing the crime, not bully everyone else.  I especially like Wier's points about taking care of people and that all skaters are wearing cows:


I'm rewriting the list, since it was mostly done:

1)  TF money to pay off CC
2)  Dividend apps
3)  Call ppl about Reliv
4)  HW - get it downloaded
5) Bite the bullet and put car registration o n CC
6)  Check to PT
7)  Reimbursement for LDN
8)  257 - Read chap 2
                 Quiz 1
9)  258 - Finish read chap 1
                 Read chap 2
                 Assign 2
10)  Read stuff from Access
11)  School with May
12)  Tax folder
13)  Talk to Access

January 26th, 2010


First, I confessed my evil act to spouse the next day while he was in the tub, explaining the action and activity after and he didn't seem to mind at all.  In fact, he later called our teenager on it and received a cover-up response that neither of us believed but let pass.  Was amusing.  Anyway, I continued to unplug the modem/router the rest of the week with no complaints.  I think it works.  Of course, teen is now reading the "Incarnations of Immortality" series by Piers Anthony and is staying up with that, but I have fewer problems with that, first because it is reading and second because it's easier to fall asleep on a book than the computer.  : )

Speaking of books...Collapse )

At this point I am *very* pregnant and getting more so for five more weeks and cannot stand long enought to do necessary things like pull up my pants as I'm getting dressed, lean down to my toes for any reason, and the baby is pressing on something with my bladder that makes me feel like I have to pee, but then can't.   My hands are regularly seizing up as well, as I'm sure my typing shows.   I am also deathly aftraid that I won't know I am in labor rght away and we son't make it to the hospital i Anchorage in time.  Since I have less sensitivity to sensations in my lower chest region/abdomen this is a realistic fear.  Also, frustration at other things in life are enough that I broke down in tears last week, and that is *not* like me.  I guess I feel loike I am trying so hard to make things work as they should and I am getting nothing back and no support or the help I need.  We finally got someone here yesterday to figure out a harness setup in the bathroom to prevent me from falling, but I'm even doubtful of that, since I have been asking for four months and I now have only five weeks of pregnancy left and can't really even stand long enough in there *now*.  It's one of those things where by tghe time it *is* done it'll be the "too little, too late" syndrome.  I almost wish they'd hospitalize me for these next few weeks till the baby is born, then I wouldn't have to deal with anybody or anything.  Except I'm pretty sure they'd insist on a catheter and I am NOT going there.  LOL

Okay, that last made me smile.  Things aren't so bad.  I can deal with this.  Just need to hold out a little longer and things will be brighter.  I have a plan for some things, and I knew that one point would be tough, and I'm there now, but once I get past this  point it will be better.  I can do this.  Think I'll make a to do list to line me out and get me going:

1)  Call insuance to check on reimbursement check - left message AGAIN
2)  Pay on CC
3)  Transfer $ to mom for swimming and insurance
4)  Bite the bullet and put car registration o n CC
5)  258 - read and do HW
6)  Call cousin about appt Friday and Feb 10
7)  Call ppl about Reliv
8)  Cook ham for tonight
9)  Check one CC balance and see about TF to pay off
10)  Dividend apps
11)  Balance checkbook
12)  Pay Ak Img
13)  Check to PT

P.S.Collapse )

January 14th, 2010

I decided the day after the last post to make a determined effort to not be grumpy (or at least, as grumpy).  I think it's working for the most part.  I am not letting certain things get to me so much.

Spouse is back at work this week, which is nice on many levels and a bit of a pain on others.  It was nice having him available to take me to appointments  and lift me in the car and such, but it is REALLY nice that he isn't round ALL the time anymore and that there will be some money coming in.  Hopefully this will last.

I have started on a new supplement program as of last Thursday.  Mom met my cousin's neightbor at work - he has debilitating rheumatoid arthritis - and was walking upright and moving better and all to the point my cousing commented on it.  He told mom about this supplement and that it has done wonders for people with MS, Cancer, arthritis, lupus, migraines, you name it.  She had him call me and I was (of course) very skeptical.  But he actually got several people to talk to me on the phone and tell me therir experiences (not just recordings, but real people I asked questions of) and some of them were further gone with MS than I am.  Actually, most of them were worse than I am and now they have recovered.  Anyway, the stuff's not cheap, but mom said she would pay for it (once I can do it, though, I will) so I am trying it.  After five days on it I noticed something really cool - my legs, which have been in a constant state of muscle contraction for the last 2+ years and can't relax, were actually RELAXED and malleable in the muscles Monday night.  It felt SO good.  I still have the tingly nerve pain, but the constant muscle pain wasn't there.  It was a little thing, but great.  It gives me hope that this stuff may actually work and get me walking again.

Gotta go.I have a phone appointment.

September 28th, 2009

Question for you guys:
I need that website that everyone uses to make those online quizzes for fun so I can post it for my class.  If someone could include the link in a response I'd really appreciate it.  It would save me the time of searching through old posts in my Friends list.  : )

I keep getting automatic phone calls every week from the school district reminding us about swine flu and precautions.  I'm rather tired of it.
We *have* been rather aware lately, of courrse.  N.T. had a bad cold with lots of congestion and we took him to the doctor, who gave us some ideas of the signs of swine flu.  You'd think they'd give us THAT indoemation on the news and from the school so we're not freaking out at the slightest cough.  Mike had a bit of that cold too, but not too bad.  Asha, though, has had it and threw up alol night Saturday night.  Had a fever and was not well at all.  She is doing much better today, though, so I am very relieved - not swine flu.  Apparently they have had cases of SF at all three local high schools so far, and I don't know about the others.

Pregnancy is going fine.  Will be at 18 weeks this Thursday.  I'm feeling fine except for the usual weather changing issues in my legs, which have nothing to do with pregnancy.  I need to schedule an untrasound for 20 weeks in the next few days.  I tried taking the prenatal pills I was prescribed, but they gave me the same reaction eggs do, so it is back to Flintstones as it was for all my other pregnancies.

The kids picked crab apples at the house in Anchoage this weekend and we have tons waiting to be made into jelly.  Yum.

On that, things to do:

1)  Call Ruhie
2)  Get out pumpkin pastie recipe and make dough
3)  Knit May's hat
4)  Homework:
     a)  Read 171 chap 5
     b )  171 Assn 2
     c)  171 Disc Response
     d)  132 Chap 4
     e)  132 HW
     f)  132 Case 2
     g)  132 Case 4
     h)  279 Read chap 4
     i)  279 Assn 2

September 17th, 2009

Realization this mornng


I realized something this mornng.  I sat here thinking how tired I was/am and suddenly realized that physically I ached a little, but I wasn't really *tired* physically.  I'm mentally tired, which maes me feel really tired, even if my body isn't.  While this may seem like a strange distinction, it actually helps me put things in perspective. 

I also realized how good it would feel to stand up and walk to stretch my legs.  (Bear with me, this was not just the usual "I wish I could walk thought")  I actually could feel that my legs and body *need* to get up and move to stretch the muscles and all and then I would feel physically better.  Obviously i can't do it on my own, but it cemented the concept to me that I *need* to do something to make my body able to do this action, even a little.  Whether that is irritating pelple enought until they finally take me to the pool every week, or nagging until they put a harness into the ceiling for me, I don't care, but it needs to be done.  I am veru certain this would help me immensely and make great strides to walking again.

Classes started again.  I dropped the marketing class - a lot more work than i think I can handle this semester, and the class was looking more like a lesson in woking in groups and team-building than learning mardeting techniqes.  I feel so much better now.  Except I really need to get on my homework for this week again.

On that note, things to do:

1)  Call Ruthie
2)  Make pastie dough (I'm thinking if i beak this into steps I'm more likely to follow through)
3)  Homework:
     a)  Read rest of SQL chap 2
     b)  Read Ullman chap 3
     c)  Read chap 2 for 132
     d)  171 HW project
     e)  132 HW questions
     f)  132 Case 2
     g)  132 Case 3
     h)   171 Quiz 1
      i)  279 Survey
4)  Teach May
5)  Look for/order Spectrum books for R and May
6)  Look for OM Pre and K curriculum
7)  Pay MTA
8)  Knit to relax
9)  Make grocery list
10)  Make money to be paid back list
11)  Notes on house plans

August 31st, 2009

You know, I made sure to verify all the requirements for the degree program on the UAS website and signed up for classes accordingly.  I did what I was supposed to - sent the list, did FAFSA, signed up early for classes, got my books.

Now, the new agency I have to deal with needs NEW stuff from my advisor and all as well as what they got from the original agency.  What's more, UAS changed the requirements and didn't post it, so some classes I enrolled in this semester ren't required anymore.  but, I am already enrolled and bought my books (whixch were expensive).  And, apparently, if the class is not currently required, the agency will not pay for it, even though it WAS required when I signed up!  ARGH.

We're working on the issue, but this is very frustrating.

Bored, nothing to do

I am regretting sending N.T. to school.  Life at home was much more interesting and fun with him here to teach and do stuff with.  My classes start on Thursday, but I don't know as that will be a substitute.  And May is fun, but the house is so messed up now that I can't get anything out for us to do that is fun, and she is too little/inexperienced to follow instructions and get what i want.

I was planning on making a bunch of pasties this weekend and this week, but apparently I am out of flour, and my request to pick up canned pumpkin was completely forgotten when my mother stopped at the store for her two items.  I have a grocery list of needed items, but as usual, no way to GET to the store to get them.  Heaven forbid I should impose on anyone by asking them to take me so i can buy food.  Oops.  That was a negative thought, I'm trying not to do those.

Things are okay still, I'm just bored and irritated at the lack of support.  N left for hunting without doing a store run for me (but bought all his hunting food the night before, knowing I had a list made).  He told me that if I needed to get groceries to uee my credit card, since he'd spent all the money.  *biting tongue to refrain from negative comment here*

Ack.  I just need to DO something.  Maybe I'll knit.  Haven't done that for a while and it relaxes me.

For starters, here is a need to do list, a need to do eventually list, and a want to do list.

Need to do:

1)  Check class sites AGAIN and get info if it is finally posted
2)  Read text:
     a)  marketing chap 2
     b)  Ullman intro
     c)  Ullman chap 1
     d)  Watch 171 videos
     e)  Start reading 279

3)  Homework
     a)  Watch 171 videos
     b)  171 DB1

4)  Call audiolibrary and request books
5)  Send back audiolbrary books
6)  Call about scooter basket before I yell at mom to shut up about it
7)  Call DK - Wait for call back

Need to do eventually:
1)  Go over rest of OS
2)  Write date chap in OS
3)  Get groceries
4)  Make pasties
5)  Make gutwreckers

Want to do:
1)  Knit
2)  Play WoW a bit
3)  Call Ruthie
4)  Have a living quarters I can get around and function in again.

I think I may give my husband an ultmatum when he returns:  Either fix my area so I can get to my things and supplies again (since he is the one that has made my stuff inaccessible) or I pull N.T. from public school because I need him here to help me.  Since hubby was the one all gung ho to send him to school, hubby can get off his duff and fix the mess he's made.  Except it doesn't help me this week at all.  *sigh*

August 30th, 2009

I am sitting here with the two littlest ones.  N and M went to go hunting for nine days yesterday.  Mom took the girls to go audition at the Fair for the Alaska's Most Talented thing they have there.  I'm anxiously awaiting a call from both.

I read my Marketing book, chapter one, today.  I have never read anything so tedious or boring in my life.  They took 25 pages to repeat the same things over and over and over and...You get the idea.

If the rest of this book is the same, I think I may burn it after the class is finished.  However, I will *try* to withhold judgement for another chapter or so, since the first chapter is often just filler junk where the author's talk too much.
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