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I have four kids of my own, a husband, and a stepson. Lots of things going on in my life right now, don't talk about it all. I have degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Currently have been having a burst of creativity, as well as an uprising of the stories I have carried around in my head for so long. Because of this, to save my psyche from mutiny I have been writing such things down. Eventually I may submit them to a publisher in the hopes they think my ideas are as brilliant as I think they are at times.

My vices and drugs of choice are dark chocolate and Coca-Cola. Rich, REALLY chocolatey desserts are always good, but I tend to be very picky - it has to be so chocolatey and rich that most people would have a coronary before I consider it good enough to have it again.

Current and constant event is that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2006. I am not taking Rebif (a 3 time a week shot I gave myself) anymore as treatment because it essentially killed the nerves in my feet and now they have to grow back at an inch a month. The lack of normal feeling in my legs and feet are rather irritating at times, but the real kicker is the fact that I am now legally blind as of November 2007 and in a wheelchair as of January of 2008. While I am generally good-natured, I do occasionally have a depressed moment and post about it. I have no intention of remaining in the wheelchair, if I have any say, however. The blindmess may be a little trickier. Anyway, as far a MS goes, I am open to talk about MS subjects. There will likely be postings and updates on the subject and I welcome comments from others that are knowledgeable themselves or want to learn more.

That all said, I am allowed to make jokes about the blind crippled lady posting on my site as much as I want. :P

I have had many interesting life experiences, but I don't like to put any evidence out there that can be held against me later, so don't expect to hear about all of it. Paranoia? Maybe, but paranoia doesn't mean they're not really out to get you. *grin*
I am an ex-gamer that suffers withdrawals on a regular basis. Considering that gaming was my main stress relief and way to cope with "reality", I think it is amazing I have kept what little sanity I have kept the last 10+ years of being prevented from gaming (as well as not having friends or a life outside of the house).
So, I am sometimes amusing, sometimes depressing, sometimes irritating, sometimes just there, but always honest. And Chaotic, like my Life. I do not promise to be nice. Nice is different than good, and I'd rather be good (or at least neutral).
Oh, and for those I add as friends - you don't have to add me. I have added you because there is something in your posts that entertains or helps me somehow in my wanderings. I undestand I am not likely to be nearly as interesting to you as you may be to me, so no pressure.